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SkyWay String Transport

The combination of proven technologies with innovative solutions creates a completely new approach to the transportation of passengers and cargo.
Technology Advantages
SkyWay cardinally surpasses the existing modes of transport in key indicators
  • Track structure is above the ground which increases safety by about 100 times
  • Anti-derailment system increases safety by another 10 times
  • Automated control system eliminates human factors
Environmental friendliness
  • SkyWay transport runs on electricity, therefore, significantly reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere
  • the SkyWay’s entire transport infrastructure requires much less materials and raw materials than any other transport.
  • SkyWay can be built in any terrain with any climate, while preserving the natural ecosystem.
  • the cost of building SkyWay tracks is up to 20 times lower than the road construction of any other means of transport.
  • the fuel costs are up to 6 times lower than fuel costs of other types of transport, respectively, the cost of travel and transportation is much lower
Travel speed
  • SkyWay high-speed transport speed is up to 500 km/h: this is twice faster than the fastest Russian train “Sapsan”
  • the SkyWay urban transport reaches speed of 150 km/h: this is twice as fast as buses.
  • the SkyWay cargo transport reaches the speed of up to 150 km/h
SkyWay Types of Transport
SkyWay technology allows to solve any transportation problems: urban communication, cargo transportation and high-speed long-distance travel.


Become a co-owner of technology that will change the world. Invest  +31 650 83 49 61 Order a call   Register



Speed: up to 150 km/h

Capacity: 6-8 people

Performance: up to 50 000 passengers per day 

SkyWay Technology Is World Famous
For 3 years, the SkyWay technology has been presented to the world community at 18 international transport exhibitions.
Russia 2018InvaExpo. Society for all.
EcoTechnoPark – the SkyWay Embodiment in Reality
This is the centre for testing, demonstration and certification of the SkyWay transport infrastructure systems. All investments are directed to the construction of the EcoTechnoPark and the works associated with it. Here we show the SkyWay technology to the world.Watch presentation
The history of the EcoTechnoPark

In the period of 4 years, a full-fledged transport complex has appeared on the site of the empty tank range near Minsk. See how it was.

The basis of the SkyWay transport station is a metal frame. In 14 months the first string transport will ride from this station.September of 2015

Become a co-owner of technology that will change the world. Invest  +31 650 83 49 61 Order a call   Register